List of International Schools Paris

The American School in Paris - offering an academic program based on the American model of education

Address: 41 rue Pasteur, 92210 St. Cloud
website: American School Paris

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School

K2 to Grade 5

Middle School Grade 6 to Grade 8

Upper School Grade 9 to Grade 13

Capital Assessment
8,450 per child
This is a one time fee charged the first year the child attends ASP. The money is devoted to the upkeep of buildings, grounds and campus.

The British School in Paris - offering an academic program based on the British model of education

Junior School - Chemin due Mur du Parc, 78380
Senior School - 38 Quai de L'Ecluse, 78290 Croissy sur Seine
website: British School Paris

Annual School Fees in Euros
Junior School

Reception (Kindgarden)

Years 1 - 2

Years 3 - 6

Senior School
Years 7 - 9

Years 10 - 11

Years 12 - 13

Development Fund
A development fund contribution of 5.000 is required for all new pupils entering the School and is not refundable

Marymount private catholic intenational school offering an American curriculum. Marymount also has an individual learning center "ILC" which specializes in helping children with learning disabilities

Address: 72 Boulevard de Saussaye, 92200 Neuiily sur Seine
Website: Marymount Paris

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School


Kindergarten - Grade 5

Middle School Grades 6-8

ILC Grades 1-8 (Individual Learning Center)

Application Fee

Capital Assessment Fee (Per new student - first year only)

Re-enrollment fee (Per student - already in school - non-refundable and non deductible)

"ISP" International School of Paris - courses structured both to foster the quick integration of the students into the new environment and to facilitate re-entry when they return to their national systems. All classes are taught in English.

Address: 6 rue Beethoven, 75016 Paris
website: ISP Paris

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School
Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten

Kindergarten - Grade 5

Middle School
Grade 6-10

Grades 11-12

Application Fee

Entry Fee

EaB - Ecole Active Bilingue, Victor Hugo Campus - Offering an international curricula aimed at French and foreign students who want to prepare for American or British diplomas and qualifications,as well as the IB Diploma Programme. Featuring English as the main language of education and daily French instruction.

Address: 23, rue de Cronstadt, 75014 website: EaB Victor Hugo

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School
KG and Primary

Middle School / Junior High School

High School
Senior High

IB Diploma Programme

Application and Placement Exams

Registration Fee - This fee should be paid when a candidate is accepted

Deposit - Payable when a candidate is accepted and returned to the family when the student leaves the school.

French Schools Offering Immersion Programs

These schools specalize in helping non-french speakers enter the French public school system but also offer clases such as history and English in the students native language. French is taught intensively and teachers ensure individualized attention and the necessary reinforcement to progressively lead students to a successful integration in the French curriculum, without having to repeat one year. The following schools offer immersion programs:

Lycée / Collège International Honoré de Balzac - the only free international state school in Paris.Offering classes from 6th grade - 12th grade. Over 2000 students with half in International sections. Students follow the standard French curriculum plus 4-6 hours of lanaguage and literature and 2 hours of history and geography in their own language.

Address: 118 boulevard Bessières - 75017 PARIS
International Honoré de Balzac

EaB - Ecole Active Bilingue, Park Monceau - a private school under contract with the state, which means that the French national curriculum is respected. In the French Curriculum, French is the main language of education and English is taught in different ability groups, according to pupils' school level and specific needs.

Address: 16, rue Margueritte 75017
website: EaB Park Monceau

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School Immersion Program

Application Fee

Registration Fee - Deductible from the 1st trimester settlement

Primary & Middle School School with French Curriculum
EaB Monceau and Lamartine

Application and Placement Exams

Deposit - - Deductible from the first tuition settlement

High School
EaB Etoile "Lycée"

EABJM - Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel - a not-for-profit pre-K-12 coed school with 2,900 students representing sixty-six nationalities. EABJM is among the top schools in France in terms of overall academic performance and consequently, admission is very competitive.

Adaptation curriculum: each year, EABJM welcomes more than one hundred new non-French speaking students who enroll in "adaptation" classes where they follow a French immersion program. A senior advisor follows them closely and, the following year, students join the mainstream where they continue to be supported with a special French program.

Address: website: EABJM

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School

Registration Fee

Middle School & High School

Eurecole - welcomes some 300 students, both French speakers and non-French speakers. Students take the national exams according to their age and grade level and are registered for tests leading to foreign language certificates such as those proposed by the British Council (English), the Institute Goethe (German) or the Institute Cervantes (Spanish)

The Eurécole Nursery and Primary school, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and the Eurécole Middle School, in the 8th arrondissement

Address: 5 rue de Lübeck, 75116, Paris, France
website: Eurecole

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary & Secondary

Registration Fee

International Sections of Sevres - The Sections Internationales de Sèvres (SIS Chaville-Sèvres) - offer a complete bilingual education (French-English or French-German) from preschool through to secondary school integrated into the Gambetta primary school in Sèvres, secondary (or middle) schools in Sèvres and Chaville and the high school Jean-Pierre Vernant in Sèvres.
Address: 1, rue Lecocq, 92310 Sevres
website: International Sections of Sevres

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School
Primary integrated
1955 (2500 if fees paid by company)

English Primary
685 (1000 if fees paid by company)

German Primary
685 (1000 if fees paid by company)

Middle School - Lycee
2485 (3700 if fees paid by company)

High School - Collège
2155 (3500 if fees paid by company)

Annual membership fee
160 per family

Lycee International Saint Germain en Laye - a French state school with twelve national sections. The school has an excellent academic reputation with 100% success rate, 91% honors rate for French Baccalaureate.

The campus contains a pre-school, primary school and secondary school. The school welcomes students who master French and other languages (such as German, English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese) and international students who will learn to master the French language.

The principle of the Lycée is that students who speak French must be bilingual when they enter whereas international students who speak a foreign tongue will grow to become bilingual with the teaching of the French language.

Foreign teachers give the students lessons of literature, geography and history (from 6 to 8 hours a week according to the grade) in their mother tongue. However, all the other disciplines of the official program are taught in French

Fluency in French is not required for admissions. There is a special French immersion program for non-French speakers.

Address: Rue du Fer à Cheval BP 5230, 78175, St Germain-en-Laye
website: Lycee International Saint Germain en Laye

Annual School Fees in Euros
The American Section 2008/2009 Acadamic School Year (these are the fees if paid by your company however, there are significant reductions if you are personally paying the fees. See the schools web site for exact pricing)

Primary School
Pre-K through 5th grade

1st grade Group 2

Middle School 6th through 9th

High School 10th through 12th

Application fee

Registration fee

L'Ermitage - bilingual primary and secondary school founded in 1941 with a boarding section. the school offers French and British diplomas such as Baccalauréat, pre-IB IGCSE and Cambridge International A levels.

L'Ermitage is situated in Maisons-Laffitte, a major horse-racing town 14 kilometres west of Paris. The Lower and Middle Schools are to be found in the highly residential park near the Maisons Château, whilst the Upper School is set in the town centre, just three minutes from a suburban-line train station offering direct access to central Paris.

Address:46 avenue Egle, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte
website: L'Ermitage

Annual School Fees in Euros
No prices are listed on their website. Contact the school directly for pricing.

Schools with only Kindergarten & Primary Programs

Lennen Bilingual School - The school offers a bilingual curriculum for students ages two and a half through 11 years old. The school is a small private international school. The students are exposed to both French and English and study though the Primary grades half day in French, half day in English.

Address: Preschool, 65 quai d'Orsay 75007 Paris
Kindergarten, 145 rue Saint Dominique 75007 Paris
Primary School, 168 rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris
website: Lennen Bilingual School

Annual School Fees in Euros
Primary School
Preschool - mornings


1st Grade to 5th Grade

Forest International School - Education in English for 2-9 years olds in a multicultural and friendly environment. Situated in Mareil Marly, west of Paris, on the edge of the forest of Marly. The school opened in 2004 and the primary section opened in 2007.

Address:28 rue de Tour-d'Echelle, 78750 Mareil-Marly
website: Forest International School

Annual School Fees in Euros
No prices are listed on their website. Contact the school directly for pricing.

Other Schools

International German School of Paris (DSP) - a private school founded in 1958 offering a German education with German curricula and modern teaching methods, and provides the opportunity to obtain both the German Abitur and the French Baccalaureat at the same time an international environment.

Address: 18 rue Pasteur, 92210 Saint-Cloud website: German School of Paris

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