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After School Activities Paris

There are a huge number of after school activites offered though the local mairies (town halls) and through private clubs in Paris.  Below are a few activites have been recommended by other parents living in Paris.

This information was accurate when posted but please check directly with the clubs listed for the most up to date information. We recommend you also talk to the instructors and trainers and make sure that the activity and teaching style will be a good fit for your child.

If you know of other clubs and activites which you would like to recommend please contact us and we'll be happy to add them to the list.

Art classes

Centre Pompidou museum and  art center has workshops on Wednesday and Saturdays for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The classes are in French but some of the young artists who conduct the workshops speak a little English.  
Website: www.centrepompidou.fr

Music Lessons

Ecole Koenig Music & Theatre school - friendly bilingual music and theatre school
Address: 33 rue Fondary 75015 Paris
Website: www.ecolekoenig.com
Tel:01 45 78 01 75

L'academie musical (offering a wide rage of instruments, solfege and even other arts courses)
Address: 85 rue l'Abbe Groult
call: 0145650102


Wednesday afternoon soccer is available through your local "Centre d'Animation" and through private clubs.  The centre d'animation is more casual while the  private clubs have teams grouped by ability level and most practice once or twice a week with games on Saturday afternoons. 

Here are a few clubs which have been recommended by other parents or click here for a list of all childrens soccer clubs by arrondissement..  Most coaches will make an effort to speak English but this is really a great opportunity for your child to work on their French and to make some French friends.

Boys Soccer

Stade de la Plaine - 13 rue du général Guillaumat, F-75015 
Ages: 5 - 18
Languages: French
Dates & Times: Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00, games on Saturdays depending on the age
Website: http://esc15.fr

PUC - Paris University Club - Stade Charlety (14th Arrondissement)
Ages: 7 - 18
Languages: French
Dates & Times - vary by age group, check website
Website: www.pucfoot.com

Paris Alesia Football Club - Stade Elizabeth, Porte d'Orleans, 15 ave Paul Appell, Not much English spoken but a very friendly club with a terrific group of parents.

Ages 7 - 18 
Website: www.parisalesia-footballclub.fr

Girls Soccer

Girls soccer is relatively new in France but there are a couple of clubs in Paris with girls teams.

Issy les Moulineaux (very close to Paris), Stade Gabriel Voisin
Ages: All ages
Languages: French
Dates & Times: Wednesday afternoons and games on Saturday mornings for ages 12-18
Website: www.ffissy.net

PUC - Paris University Club - Stade Charlety (14th Arrondissement)
Ages: 11 - 16
Languages: French but Marie France the coach for the 13 and under does speak a little English and is extremely friendly
Dates & Times: Wednesday 5:45pm - 7:30pm - Games Saturday afternoons for ages 12-18
Website: www.pucfoot.com/feminines.html

ES16 - This is a new club so contact Patrice Bardin for information (Patrice speaks excellent English check club website for his contact information)
Ages: U13, U17 and a very strong adult ladies team
Languages: French but coach does speak English
Website: http://es16.fr/football/

Boys Rugby

There are not many rugby clubs for children in Paris so places tend to fill up quickly.  Inscription starts in May/June for the season starting in September of that year.   Contact the individual clubs for details.

Rugby Club de Paris (RCP 15)
– 15 Arrondissement 
Location: In the park (behind) next to Aqua Boulevard. - see web site
(not expensive, it costs 200 euros for whole year)
Ages 5 - 18
Dates & Times: Every Wednesday afternoon, from 13h30 for 90 minutes.
Language: French
Website: www.rcp15.com

PUC - Paris University Club - Stade Charlety
Ages 6 and up
Languages: French
Dates & Times: check their website
Website: www.puc.asso.fr


Aquaboulevard - largest indoor waterpark in Europe also offers swimming lessons
Website: www.aquaboulevard.com

Admission to a municipal swimming pool will cost you around €2.50. Click here for a list of all 38 public swimming pools in Paris

Horse Riding

Club Hippique du Jardin - Jardin d'acclimatation, route de Neuilly à la Muette
Bois de Boulogne, 75116 PARIS
Time: Riding Lessons throughout the year and holiday camps:
Website: lesecuriesdujardin.com
e-mai : adarnis@lesecuriesdujardin.com
Tel: Manager : A.DARNIS -

Track & Field

Location: Paris University Club, Stade Charlety (14th Arrondissement)
Ages: 6-14 - co-ed
Languages: French
Dates & Times: practice Wednesday and Sunday morning. Occasional competitions
Website: http://puc.athle.org
email: Arthemon Hatungimana pucathle@hotmail.fr


Judo is very popular in France and easy to find. Below are a few suggestions from other parents:

Dojo de Grenelle, 21,23 rue de l'Amiral Roussin - 75015 PARIS

Ages: All Ages
Languages: French
Dates & Times: check web site for different classes offered. The gym is closed in July & August
Website: www.dojodegrenelle.com

Stade de la Plaine - 13 rue du général Guillaumat, F-75015 Paris (Very close to school)

Ages: 5 - 18
Languages: French
Dates & Times: check web site
Website: www.esc15.fr


Centre Sportif del Plaine, 13 rue du général Guillaumat, F-75015 
Ages: for children and adults
Languages: French
Dates & Times: Kodokan classes for children on Saturdays 
Website: www.kodokanparis15.com

Circus School

Flip Flap Circus - 5 Rue Broussais, 75014 Paris
Classes through out the year and vacation camps.
Ages: All Ages
Language: French
Website: www.flipflapcircus.org
email: flipflapcircus@yahoo.fr

Centers offering multiple activities

Carrefour Chretien Culturel Beaugrenelle, 11 rue Linois, 75015 Paris (Métro Charles Michels)
Ages: Activities for children and adults including, art, drama, music, sports

Languages: French
Website: www.c3b.fr
Tel: 01 45 79 90 45