From Paris, with love

by Alison

Paris has always topped the list of the world’s most romantic places. Of all the places I have visited, Paris is one of my all-time favorite.

The cuisine culture is an institute, all on its own. Romance, wine, lights, fashion, diamonds, gossip, shopping, and flowers. Paris is all about love, excitement and adventure.

It’s an old saying that even a dying man comes back to life, when in Paris.

It is the world’s most popular and busiest tourist destination along with being credited in the top ten cities to live in. Paris executes a charm, a radiance that is unmatched. The industry, economy and tourism are booming. More people are moving to Paris than moving out.

I have not had the good fortune of living in Paris but, last year when my family and I were on a trip to Europe, by road, we did stop in Paris for three nights. The nights were young and lively, the days rich and full. Time passed in frenzy and before we knew, it was time to roll up that tent and move to another city, another camping site. The meals I had in Paris were one of the best in the entire trip, and that is something, as we visited over nine countries.

One thing though, the bathrooms were awful. Simply horrible!!! We had crossed over from Germany and the contrast was amazing. German bathrooms were spic and span, painfully clean, and the French bathrooms were smelly as they come; a traveler’s nightmare!!!

Almost all women look like they’ve come out of the Vogue magazine, and every second girl looks like a familiar model. The latest hairstyle, trendy accessories and chic clothing is a norm in Paris. Everyone is dressed just right for the occasion. Jeans and hamburgers are below their dignity and it’s insulting to ask for one.

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