Kings Day or La Fete des Rois

Galette des Rois

In France January 6th, the Epiphany also known as Kings Day "le jour des Rois" is typically celebrated by getting together with friends and family to enjoy a delicious Galette des Rois.

The Galettes you find in Paris are made of puff pastry and can be plain or filled with frangipani, an almond-flavored paste. The galette contains a lucky charm "une fève". Whoever finds the charm in their slice of galette becomes King or Queen.

For a traditional Fete des Rois celebration place your galette in the center of the table and gather family and friends around. The youngest person in the room hides under the table and shouts out which guest each slice of cake should be given to. The person who finds the fève in their slice of galette becomes the King or Queen and is given a golden paper crown. The King or Queen can then choose their Queen or King by dropping the lucky charm into their glass.

Fete des Rois celebrations continue to take place throughout January in homes and offices around Paris.

Eiffel Tower photo by Simon Howden
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