Paris Tour Guide!

Well that is something I never thought I could do… but I did.

At the tender age of 15, we received a card through the door. On it was a picture of Donald Duck. It was usual hectic morning, but this card caused all sorts of ructions!

In it, were the words of 'Free holiday to EuroDisney'! This was the year that the resort opened. With utter amazement we found that a cousin of ours, intended to take a few
family members to EuroDisney, all expenses paid.

What a trip! We went for a long weekend. From my immediate family, there were my Grandparents, my Aunt, two cousins and my immediate family of four. When we travelled it was clear that there were other people too. My cousin's wife had a relative with special needs. So a lot of spaces on the coach were also taken up by others with special needs and their assistants.

It was a coachful. But we were all buzzing as we caught the early ferry taking us to France.

I was studying french at school. I sat glued to the window, drinking in the information and eager to practice. It was ideal place to do my revision!

As expected we had a fantastic time at EuroDisney. On the Sunday, we had the option to go into Paris; we all jumped at the chance!

We didn't have a tour-guide with our Coach. However, our driver managed to get a script of a local coach tour. Clearly he couldn't read and drive, and so needed a volunteer.

I don't quite know how, but I was volunteered! So with baited breath I took the microphone and read from the script.

I learnt a lot about the wonderful architecture, the hidden secrets of the places that I could see from the front window. The most memorable places for me were the Arc de'Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the building of Notre-Dame.

I have Paris on my “To do list”, as I'd dearly love to head back and visit each place on foot.

The nicest thing about planning to go back to Paris, is I can take my husband now. I'm sure this will make it even more memorable.

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